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Medicare Supplements



A lot of changes occur when you turn 65, and the biggest is the addition of Medicare. 


We can help.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable tool for preparing for all of life's unpredictable events. As life tends to creep up on us, we never know and cannot predict when something is going to happen. At Nelson Financial, we can help you plan for the phases in your life and secure your family's financial future.


Areas of Expertise

  • Term

  • Whole Life

  • Indexed Universal Life

  • Final Expense

  • Second to Die

  • Key Man Protection

  • Buy/Sell Funding

  • Premium Financing

Disability Income

Could you financially manage for a few months or longer without an income? What would you do if you became sick, hurt, or unable to work? Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Nelson Financial offers many disability income plans to suit your family's needs.


Plan Benefits

  • You choose a 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 day elimination period.

  • Choose a six month, one, two, five, or ten years, or to age 65 benefit period.

  • Receive benefits in addition to Social Security or Workers' Compensation.

  • Be covered 24 hours a day.

  • Receive tax-free benefits.


Click here for a video that tells you more about disability income.

Medicare Supplements

Nelson Financial offers competitive Medicare supplements with multiple carriers. We know that Medicare does not pay for all the costs of medical care or hospital visits. Medicare supplement insurance allows you to keep your own doctor, specialist and hospital. Give us a call to see what we have to offer.


Coverage Highlights

  • Part A Deductible

  • Additional Home Health Care

  • Foreign Travel

  • Part B Deductible

  • Part B Excess

We know that your money is very important to you and your future. At Nelson Financial we can help you start an annuity with many different options customized to your lifestyle and future. Mike and Julie will help you in how to choose an annuity, how to fund the annuity, explain how interest will be credited, and when the time is right, we will help you take payments from that annuity. Click here for more information.


  • Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA)

  • Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Immediate Annuities

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders

Critical Illness

If you have a catastrophic medical event and cannot work, how will you pay your bills and protect your family? At Nelson Financial, we strive to be ahead of the game when it comes to a Critical Illness.  Critical Illness, is a single plan that helps to cover your financial needs during a catastrophic event.  While ensuring your ability to afford the care you may need in the future, Critical Illness coverage also helps to preserve your way of life.

Estate Planning

You've worked hard to build and maintain a legacy, and you deserve to pass it on to your children and grandchildren. But when the time comes, estate or income taxes and other costs can erode the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating. Life insurance helps protect those assets by providing a tax-free death benefit to help alleviate these costs and provide a legacy to your beneficiaries.

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